Friday, April 27, 2012

Review: Shea Moisture Deep Treatment Masque & Moisture Retention Shampoo

I scored this Shea Moisture Mini-Repair and Transition kit from Target for $5! I've just heard about Shea Moisture products  this past week and I thought I would give them a try sometime soon. Then I saw these marked down at Target so I bought some. There are 2 kits from Shea Moisture under the same name that has 4 products. In this kit there were only two products: Shea Moisture Deep Treatment Masque and Moisture Retention Shampoo. Im surprised to say that these are the best and WORST products I've ever tried for my natural hair, ever.

Moisture Retention Shampoo
This shampoo is amazing. Its the only shampoo I've ever tried that lathers like crazy, smells great and leave my hair clean and moisturized.  If your hair is moisturized  pre-shampoo and not excessively dry this shampoo will not strip it. Also, this shampoo has NO SULFATES! I was pretty shocked to see that because of the lather. I don't particularly avoid sulfates, but I've tried some no-sulfate shampoos before and the lather was no where near this lather.

I will mention that my hair going into the shampoo moisturized and was coated with a bit product from yesterday. I really think this makes a difference. I don't know how my hair would have behaved if it was crunchy dry mess of about a month ago.

Final Thoughts: I know I throw around the word amazing alot. But this shampoo is the best, best, BEST!
I will be repurchasing it when I run out and it will probably be my staple shampoo.
My hair type: 3c/4a  a lot of shrinkage, very small and tight coils
Price:  12oz for 9.99 at Target and Walgreens (also found online)
My score: 5/5

Shea Moisture Deep Treatment Masque
The ingredient list for this conditioner is star-studded. Almost any ingredient a natural could want in a conditioner:  deionized water, butyrospermum parkii (shea butter), argan oil, cetyl esters, sea kelp extract, panthenol (vitamin b-5), ammonium salt, essential oil blend, avocado oil, lonicera caprifolium (honeysuckle) flower and lonicera japonica (japanese honeysuckle) flower extract, tocopherol (vitamin e), hyssopus officinalis extract, salvia officinalis (sage) leaf and equisetum arvense extract, soybean oil, daucus carota sativa (carrot) seed oil.

I just KNEW after that great shampoo, this was gonna be the bees knees.... Nope. Not one bit.
I started to liberally apply the masque to my hair and I felt that this was not going to work because of the texture of the conditioner and  then way it felt on my hair after 5 minutes. I felt like I put way too much leave-in product in my hair,  I rinsed it out and my hair felt drier then when I put the conditioner in. I'm pretty disappointed right now, I had to go to my usual moisture conditioner and recover the moisture that this masque stole.

I looked around at others reviews and it seems like this product gets good marks from others with non-curly/kinky hair and a few loosely coiled people. Most people with my hair texture seem to end up using this as a leave-in or as a sealant.

Final Thoughts: I will be not be repurchasing this, the worst thing I've ever put in my hair and I've put  some strange things in this hair.
My hair type: 3c/4a  a lot of shrinkage, very small and tight coils
Price:  12oz for 9.99 at Target and Walgreens (also found online)
My score: 0/5


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