Sunday, September 26, 2010

Goodbye Dry Hair..

I mentioned changing up my new hair routine and for the past three weeks,  I've been using it and now I know what my hair really likes for keeping moisture in.

-non-oil conditioner
-oil as a final sealant only over water based conditioner


When I do an updo or any hairstyle with gels or other hair products I used Aloe Gel under a conditioner cap overnight or for 30 mins to one hour before shampoo

I wash with any good moisturizing shampoo

Depending on how clean my hair feels post-wash, I dissolve 1/2 cup of baking soda in a 5 quart bucket and rinse to remove any remaining residue (done every other week)

With a moisture conditioner or protein conditioner

Moisturizing Humectant Spray
with a self mix or bought spray

Leave-In conditioner
Light conditioner or leave in

Oil sealant
Coconut oil (straight) followed by Shea product

I usually do this in sections as I twist


Doing all this and then twisting my hair and misting it with the honey-water spray has kept my hair feeling very moisturized.

The products I use for each step are as follows.

Lily of the Vally Aloe Gel under a conditioner cap 

With Giovanni smooth and silk shampoo or Joico K-pak shampoo

Joico Phine-you MUST use a deep moisturizing  conditioner after this otherwise hair will feel like straw. 
or I dissolve 1/2 cup of baking soda in a 5 quart bucket and rinse to remove any remaining residue

With Giovanni 50:50 conditioner my hair likes this the best or Smooth as Silk 
Protein: 911 conditioner 

Moisturizing Humectant Spray
 I use a honey/water spray that I mix up I notice that my hair feels ALOT more moisturized with this spray then with my Oyin Greg Juice.

Leave-In conditioner
Right now I use Giovanni Tea Tree Treat conditioner,  I used to use suave tropical coconut 

Oil sealant
Coconut oil (straight) followed by Shea product usually whipped shea

I'm trying to think ahead for Christmas and I know quite a few of new naturals and transitioning folks I'm thinking about making them a care kit with some hair stuff I've been piddling with

1) Moisture Spray
2) Whipped Shea
3) Detangling Lotion
4) Light daily hair conditioner (maybe) 
5) a 3 x 5 card with my favorite natural hair websites

#4 is the only one that I've NEVER made so it will be fun researching and mixing up things. I normally dabble in making B&B stuff and soaps but I haven't done alot of making hair stuff for other people. I'm looking forward to it!


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