Sunday, May 9, 2010

Quickie Update--down 15!

I've been extremely busy with the end of the semester things and in the crazyiness of everything this semester I've realized that I have way too much on my plate. I've been putting off taking the MCAT for almost two years and its time to stop. I need to buckle down drop down to part time work and do some other things to strenghen my medical school application and put my process on hold until next year. Me taking the MCAT June 17 is to early I've only have ~5 weeks to prepare and I'm starting from scratch any MCAT date later then that is to late for me to be applying.

In other news, I haven't worked out swam in about a week, but I haven't been eating horribly. I found out that I have gallstones and that greasy/fatty meals make you feel horrible, so I've been avoiding those like the plague. Since I'm finally done with this semester I'l have alot of free time. I lost one more pound, but I really think its due to the stress of the past two weeks. I just thought about it, being down one more pound takes me down to -15!! I can really feel a difference in the way my clothes fit..

I'll be back with a major weekend reads this upcoming weekend. I have barely checked on any of the blogs I normally do. I can't wait to catch up!!


{Absolutely, Positively} Josie said...

15 pounds? now, THAT takes effort! so proud of you, Kemi. i'm wishing you the very best on the MCAT.

are you have gallbladder "attacks?" i had my gallbadder removed in december. i'd had stones for about 4 years and had attacks in college, but they subsided, only to reappear last year on Halloween night! i would eat a greasy meal and fall into the worst pain of my whole entire life. i remember going outside in the cold november night, pacing around the house barefood like a crazy person because i was in so much pain. my dad said my grandmother had them a long time ago and would stay up all night long with pain. i hope you're not having attacks, and if you are, you know to continue to avoid grease!!

having gallbladder disease helped me lose weight because i knew what i'd have to endure after a binge. that was the only good part about it.

anyway, CONGRATS! 15 pounds, that's like three chihuahuas!!!

Kemi said...

Aww thanks,Josie. I think I'm getting up to gallbladder attacks, i don't think I've had one yet. I've been talking to a few people that have had theirs out and they said that if I had an attack, I would definitely know. But it is after I've eaten greasy food that i would start to feel awful for days..

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