Friday, April 23, 2010

Weekly Reads 4/23/2010

 Check out these neat owl cupcakes!! I know totally NOT healthy but a neat idea for decorating foods.

I know I'm late..but there is controversy over this Lane Bryant, lingerie commercial..WTF?!? Vicky's secrets commercials show more skin and are MUCH longer!! View the "offensive" ad here..

If you would like to chat about it you can join the convo on fab finds under 50 here

I just commented on Josie's Blog about finding more recipes that use Greek yogurt as a healthy alternative, I came across this Alfredo Recipe over at the Glamourous grad's  weekend reads

I've been looking for nice vintage inspired skirts and dresses lately. Luckily, I just found out from Musings of a fatshionista that JIBRI online have just revealed their newest line a vintage-inspired Spring 2010 collection!! I'm smitten!! I especially like the striped pansy dress..too bad it only comes in a 14/16.

The Autodesk homestyler renders your home blueprints in 3D.

From the simple dollar, How much do you really save by air drying clothes? Its more than you think..

Sorry this is a link lite post this week! 



LaCara said...

I didn't find the Lane Bryants ad offensive at all! She wasn't even exposed, and her chest was in focal point for a like 3 seconds, to be honest I think the media is beyond sizest.

Xiaolu @ 6 Bittersweets said...

Thanks for the cupcake link. I just watched the ad and don't find it offensive at all. I haven't seen a VS add in a long time, but perhaps people are up in arms about the idea of her wearing that to a date rather than the exposure in general?

Kemi said...

I'm thinking that perhaps that is the case the idea of here leaving the house in nothin but undies.. That is the only reason that I can see them objecting.

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