Friday, April 9, 2010

Oh ho!

Well, I haven't done too much in the past two weeks besides nurse my sprained ankle. Of course when my ankle felt good enough to start working out on, I got a lovely spring cold that I'm just now getting fully over (until today a flight of stairs still left me totally winded)

Besides all that negative juju, there is a silver lining in these clouds, I got to focus on my eating more. Ever since, I read Confessions by Gawande a chapter has stuck out in my mind. In this chapter it was mentioned that  1) most overweight people were that way for 2 reasons..1) because they scarf down their food and your brain misses the "I'm full" memo for a full 10-20 minutes after the fact ( and 2.  I forgot the other reason because it didn't apply to me)

Then I realized that I am always rushed and in a hurry when I eat for one reason or another. Lately, I've been slowing down considerably AND it was mentioned that fats make you full for longer... Yes, this is probably a no-brainer--but at the time I had a stockpile of avocados and I bought some lavash tortillas/wraps and made veggie wraps with avocado, alfalfa sprouts, onion, garlic, bell peppers and Greek yogurt as the stars. I noticed that I stayed full longer when i ate this compared to my normal very fat-free breakfast (NF greek yogurt, fruit and skim milk)

The take home message to me from this chapter was that I needed to rearrange the order of my meals so that i eat the fattier foods first then I eat everything else. This in addition to slowing down has helped me with my eating immensely I get fuller on less food.. Yesss!!

I know that this is probably not a new concept ( the fats/eating thing) and it is most likely in somebody's diet book but it personally works for me.


{Absolutely, Positively} Josie said...

Kemi, so glad to see you back! sorry about that ankle and your cold that you're getting over. i am just now getting sick and freaking out wondering, is it swine flu?? my head is kind of swimming, and it never does that. but my nose is kinda stopped up, too.

i lol'ed about not remembering the second reason in the book because it didn't apply to you.

i am glad you are eating more fat! i know myself, for a long time i had this crazy idea that i had to eat as low fat as possible, and...i was always hungry for more! i have recently begun eating more fat myself, although it does bother me a little to think about it since i had my gallbladder removed. but i still know i need to get that fat in- just GOOD fats! i eat nut butters, lean meat, cheese, dairy.

ps, i love greek yogurt! have you ever had fage? if you haven't, once you do you'll never be able to eat any other greek yogurt again! i have to admit, the last time i stocked up i got fat free (i usually put a dollop on my oatmeal/nut butter mix at breakfast). but the 2%, which only has like 4 grams of fat for a whole cup, is so amazing, i can't even describe. i know a lot of people preach the goodness of fage, but it's all true!

that lavash that you get, is it by any chance joseph's brand? i used to get that kind all the time last year. i'd make a "banana burrito" by smearing it with peanut butter, then rolling it around a banana.

sorry it's a book- just haven't chatted in a while! :)

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