Sunday, March 7, 2010

My favorite hairdo--a vintage-y updo also an alternative protective style

I promised I would do a hair post last week. I was doing a photo-tutorial for this hairstyle and my camera died! I tried using my video phone but it wasn't working out too well. I can explain in text and if there are any questions I can clarify..

Here is the do.

The pic isn't so good because I had to use my webcam to take a photo.

1. Start with freshly washed, towel dried hair.
2. Part hair in three sections 1/4 in the front (the bangs/pompadour) 2/4 in the middle (the updo part) and about 1/4 in the back, back for the rest of the hair that won't fit in the updo.
*note* Try and see if the back can fit into the updo part before you have the back section.

For the front:
You can use the rolling method and just roll the wet hair inward and bobby pin down as you go. That doesn't work for me because my texture is looser in the middle and tighter on the sides.
Or you can do it this way--
What I do is take the front section and pull it into a pony tail with the hair band close to the end of the hair.
Then tuck it back intothe part of the ponytail that is loose and secure with bobby pins if needed.

For the middle:

I pull the hair up and at the very ends I french braid making sure I get all the edges in then when I get to the end I tuck the free part of the braid back into the "french braid" so it is invisible. The trick is, when the hair dries it will puff up giving you more texture/volume.

For the back:

This is the part I have to redo almost everyday, I just pull into a low ponytail and tuck the ends under (making a little bun in the back) so that my ends are protected.


I'm not the best explainer, hence the reason I was trying to do the photo-tutorial. I alternate between this style and 2-strand twists every other week.

Questions? Ask away in the comments!!


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