Friday, March 26, 2010

Weekly Weigh In 03.26.10-- Down 13.8

Yippee! I weighed myself tues and i was at the same weight. I'm glad I'm losing again,  I cannot be totally disappointed because although I didn't specifically track my calories this week I only ate foods that I know their calorie content and composition, so I knew I didn't hit over 1300/1400 daily when i eyeballed my intake for the day. I only got to exercise once (Monday) then my knee was bothering me until Wednesday/Thursday.  Hopefully I can get a workout in today before work! I've done yoga every day this week with Priscilla P on PBS.  If you catch Priscilla Patrick yoga stretches on PBS they started back at number one this Monday. In Toledo, they show two 15 minute episodes back to back the first one is a rerun of yesterday's yoga then the second one is the new one for today..


{Absolutely, Positively} Josie said...

hey! congrats on pushing forward. i usually track my calories so much that i become obsessed. i am actually thinking about not doing that anymore, but i'm afraid i'll either eat too few or too many if i do that.

Kemi said...

Hey Josie,

Yeap I understand, I just would like to generally know where I'm at so I don't go overboard. I know how tempting it is to track every little thing..

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