Sunday, March 21, 2010

Weekend Reads 3/20/2010

There is a Part II to that Lady Gaga- Telephone video analysis here the gaga monster retweeted Part I and commented on it.
I am soo in love with this video, I watch it daily..and my pussywagon keychain is in the mail! Yess!!

Alcoholic Drinks that won't wreck your diet from Cheap, Healthy, Good.. (how dissapointed I was to see that my two go to drinks (Mai Tai and Coke with Rum) were among the bad, bad.

"Consider what you give your attention to each day. It’s a precious resource and it determines the shape of your life."
When I read this quote on Zen Habits I immediately felt guilty, my attention is spread across things that don't really matter when compared to my goals (grad school, medschool, MCAT!). In this article they gives ways to Reclaim your attention from things that distract you
(Facebook, Twitter, RSS feed--those three are my biggest ones I unsubscribed from over 100 RSS feeds two days ago)

One reason to decrease the amount of processed foods eaten: 80% of salt intake comes from processed foods "Cutting Salt as Good as Quitting Smoking"

Another reason to continue regular excercise: Exercise slows telomere shortening (and aging) (you have to read through the exercise while blogging stuff, Nice tips like the  twitter tummy tuck ;)

I hope you have a nice weekend, its getting colder around these parts.


{Absolutely, Positively} Josie said...

hey, Kemi! thanks for the great advice on my blog. i know exactly how you feel. i don't understand how i can go a few weeks and make actual progress and THEN decide i'd rather do the wrong thing. when i get in that "all-or-nothing" mind frame, i just can't have a brownie- i have to have a whole pan, till i'm sick. i know, it's literally crazy. but, you know, that behavior is a choice and a habit.

i like your idea of a pre-planned sweet. i just don't know if i could handle that right now without "craving" more. although, i have come to love dark chocolate and won't settle for less. i used to avoid it because it wasn't as sweet as milk, but i actually think it's not only better quality chocolate, but better tasting. it's like more bang for your buck, and less is more satisfying. when i get into eating mostly whole, natural, minimally processed, and sometimes organic foods, i get on a roll and i stop thinking i have to have reese's.

sorry it's a book. hope you are well. keep us updated on your progress. take it day by day, and do the best you can! you can do this! ps are you still doing jillian and walking?

Kemi said...

I don't mind, beacause I'm probably gonna write you a book back, LOL!!

I find that I need to have a strict period of time then lax-er time.. but my lax time turns into uh-oh--I gained 10 pounds.

With me and the planned sweet, I find it most effective near the end of the day after dinner (your last meal) so that you know that you stayed on track today and now you can have a small treat. What I liked doing was buying quality dark chocolate from odd lots and keeping in the freezer. Then I would have a small block or two and call it a day. I'm thinking about adding a small glass of red wine (merlot) after those extra tough days at work-- a co-worker swears that they pairs fabulously together!

Honestly, its easier when I track my calories because I see I've been on track all day and it would be terrible to blow it now on a binge..

As for Jillian.. no!! I only worked out once last week. (I walked in the park Friday)I worked out today (WATP 2mile walk) My knee has been randomly hurting since sat, I might did something at work and didn't realize it. So I'm gonna hold off on Jill until next week. By then I should be ready for those high impact moves *groan* jumping jacks..

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