Saturday, March 13, 2010

Weekly Weigh In 03.13.10-Seeing behavior patterns

 -12.6 (no change)

I have no valid excuses. Yes I've been busy but I've managed to get my workouts in. Its staying on track with my eating thats getting me off kilter and it only takes a little planning. After I eat or prepare food at home for about 2 weeks, I get bored and start to eat out more. 

Maybe I should start having weekly diet/fitness goals to help keep me motivated to stay on task..
For next week it will be to eat out only once next week, track my calories daily and exercise 4 days next week and do one session of 30 day shred. 

I walked in the park twice this week, its warming up nicely around these parts. I know I haven't posted much this week-- I've been busy with work ( I worked a whole bunch of days in a row)

Since I'm staying off machines (the dreadmill and my favorite the elliptical) I need a method to keep up with my heart rate so i can tell when I'm hitting my target. 


{Absolutely, Positively} Josie said...

but at least you didn't gain! i think it's good to have weekly goals, even a starting point, ending point, all that. i made myself a generic homemade fitbook, which track 12 weeks. if you look up the fitbook web site, they have a demo, and you can kinda see how they do it and make your own if you want. that's what i did. good luck in the future!

Kemi said...

Hey girl..i'll go look that fitbook up. It sounds like a great idea! How are you liking your homemade one? do you getmto use it alot?

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