Thursday, March 4, 2010

Shopping adventures

I broke the shopping fast and got this lovely knit shrug from TJ maxx for 10 bucks! It normally retails for $298 I had no idea what to do with myself. I even though its holey, its very warm. Perfect for fall/spring.I really like knits so I'm trying to stock up on them and comfortable wedge shoes while they are in style. I am very proud of myself -- I was in TJ Maxx for about an hour, and the shrug was the only clothing item I bought. I spent less then $20 on a TJs adventure. Normally I get sucked in by TJ's clearance items and buy much more then i intended. An item I would really like to get for the spring/summer months is a versatile dress, preferably a shirt-dress. I got a Lane Bryant print ads in the mail the other day, and I was shocked and delighted to see these beautiful dresses.

I'm particularly in love with the denim one, I see so much potential there, but it is the safer option.. i think the polka dot one is more interesting and its classic, too! LB has been surprising me lately, now I just need to mosey into the store sometime and which one looks better on me so I can start making spending decisions.

I'm still abiding by my shopping ban terms--I can buy no more then 2 items (clothing items) a month AND they must not be similar to anything I already own and lastly I may buy wardrobe staples that I currently do not own (ie shirtdress :))


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