Sunday, February 7, 2010

First Post-- the ground rules

I've been wanting to start a blog for a while but I really didn't have too much to write about. Ever since I've started this new year with my three goals in mind plus grad school and preparing to apply to medical school some of my ambition has faltered. I figure if I write about it I will stay on the straight and narrow.

Goal #1: Losing 10 lbs a month.
Good thing: I lost 7lbs the first week in Jan, bad thing that's ALL i lost in January. I kept gaining and loosing all month. Its a good start, i guess.
Weigh in days are fridays. So I will try and post my losin then.
What really helps me is Sparkpeople's nutrition tracker, I was shocked to see how many calories some of my favorite foods were packing.

Goal #2 I rediscovered TJMaxx and discovered fat fashion blogs and both of those things are not good ideas.. I kept buying, buying and buying. I decided that I would not buy any clothes (with few exceptions--like shopping interview clothes or if i see basics that I don't have and need) I also began heavy-duty thrifting and I was buying some things that i really don't need. I'm allowed to thrift (the adventure is in searching for me) as long as they are items that are needed. In fact I spent $11 on pins last week. I acquired a  ladybug pin and I dubbed her Penelope, if you see her say hello! Also I was so disgusted when one week (albeit it was during finals week-so i was really short on time) I spent $45 in 3 days on dining out. I had fallen out of the habit of making my food at home and my waistline was larger and wallet lighter because of it.

Goal #3: I forgot about my hair goal! 3) Take better care of my hair and see how long and healthy it gets!


{Absolutely, Positively} Josie said...

hello! good luck on the mcat! i hate tests.
:( found you via the big girl blog. :)
if you don't care, how did you lose 7 pounds that first week in january?? i lost zilch in january by self-sabotaging and hardcore dieting inbetween binges.
i'm getting back on the 'abs diet' today. it's the only "diet" i've ever been able to stick to!

Kemi said...

Hey Josie! A very big part in me loosing 7lbs in one week/ a month was seriously counting everything that went into my mouth and tracking it on Sparkpeople (SP). When I tracked daily I saw how many calories i was eating (sometimes 2300 a day!) and I was able to bring it down to 1600 a day and now I'm down to 1200.

I haven't added exercise yet because I think that i need to get the diet on track first then exercise. Because when I've exercised regularly in the past I haven't lost any weight i just got toned. Does that make sense?

Also I noticed that when I fell off the wagon (tracking my calories) I stayed the same weight or even gained weight. So tracking is key. Some people think its bad for those OCD types, but i think its a good tool to use for at least 2 months to gauge how much you SHOULD be eating.

{Absolutely, Positively} Josie said...

hey, Kemi! thanks for the feedback here and on my blog. what you've said is true and very commonsense. i see a lot of people these days saying they exercise and don't lose weight, and it's happened to me, as well. i got in the zone big time last summer and was exercising up to two hours a day/5 days a week (totally unprecedented for me!) i think i lost three pounds the first week, and after that, it was just maintenance. but i can't forget- i was "rewarding" my hard work by eating on the weekends whatever and however much i thought i wanted. maybe i was counteracting, and maybe i lost inches, but i just gave up after losing the same three pounds every week. entirely my fault.

i am a total scale junkie, and i HAVE to see the scale move! a few months ago i read this article in time magazine online about how overexaggerated exercise is for weight loss.,8599,1914857-1,00.html.

not that exercise doesn't help- we all know it helps, but it also can make you hungrier, etc. and if i eat three big brownies, i'd have to run on a treadmill like half a day to "burn it off." when i think of eating in those terms, i always lose. i feel like exercise does more for me psychologically than physically, and i do it mainly for that, and tell myself anything physical is "on the side."

the easiest way for me to lose weight is to simply cut calories and not totally freak out over carbs, fat, etc. i am a lazy-ocd virgo. when i count calories, i tend to do it "with the precision of a cpa," as i heard it criticized once. i know that doesn't fly for everyone, but it seems to work for me.

i, too, am shooting for 1,200 calories a day. i'm big (about 204), so i know if i STICK to 1,200, i can reach my goals. the sticking is what i have to work on!

sorry this is a book, but i just wanted to tell you all that! i think i'll follow you, too. :)

Kemi said...

Yep! That's exactly what was happening to me the more I worked out the hungrier i got. I think i read the same article you did about excercise.
i need to clarify 1200 is my minimum and my max is 1500. I try and hit somewhere between 1200-1350. In regards to food groups i do try and eat whole grains, protiens, and low fat but i dont't pay alot of attention to the breakdown until the end of the day and then i try and improve for the next day.
I do use my weekly weight-ins to help me guide if im going in the right direction. :)

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