Saturday, February 13, 2010

Weekend Reads 2/13/2010

I borrowed this post series idea from The Glamourous Grad Student's Weekend Reads  I look forward to them each week because they come from blogs that I don't usually read and often give useful insights/ advice and all that jazz.

Here are my reads for the week:
(I forgot this post the first time!)

From one of my favorite blogs, The big girl blog-Men Every Big Girl Will Meet: The Foreign Guy she has the most amazing insights on being a big girl and being a girl in general..

From one frugal foodie to another advice to deal with the rut you can fall into when cooking meals at home and avoiding cooking burnout

With the craze that is surrounding vintage here is some great advice for Growing your own vintage from your own closet for the future.

Excellent advice on organization for the kitchn and for photographs by Real Simple readers  on organizing your kitchn spices and grains  and a very useful method to keep your digital photos organized.

Recipe of the week- a recipe that I've tried,  loved and want to share
Lemon Chickpea Pasta


{Absolutely, Positively} Josie said...

what a great bunch of reading! i can't miss the big girl blog. this "men every big girl will meet" series is pure gold. and that chickpea pasta looks mighty good. i love chickpeas in anything and am hookedon hummus!

hope your vday was/is kickin'!

Kemi said...

My Vday went well, I hung out with a friend and went to the movies. I love chickpeas,too! Have you tried the roasted ones?

{Absolutely, Positively} Josie said...

no!! sounds like something i would love, though.

Kemi said...

Yess.. so good!! I just take a can of chickpeas, drain em salt em (i add a bit of cumin and cinnamon, too) Toss em in a little bit of peanut oil (1 teaspoon not tablespoon) and pop em in a fry pan and do not touch! Let them saute for 7-10 minutes on med on one side and then run a serving spoon through to flip em then saute for another 5-8 minutes. You will have a soft/crunchy mixture that I love!

I must limit myself to half a cup because I can kill a whole can in a sitting and a cup is alot of cals and I think a whole can is a massive calorie attack just considering the chickpeas alone and not accounting for oil.

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