Saturday, February 27, 2010

Weekly Weigh In 02.26.10

I weighed in on Friday at -8.8 so I'm up  +.2 from last week
I'm really hoping that this is mostly PMS/ auntflo weight. Never less, there are some things that I can be doing better.

On Friday I realized that the day before I drank VERY little water. Barely one cup, so I should drink more water just because. Also, while I'm eyeballing my intake I'm not strictly counting.. so I need to at least accurately track for the first half of the day so I have an idea of how much more I should (or should not eat) for the rest of the day.

Things I'm doing right:

I exercised Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday (today). On the days that I really didn't feel like my full 2 mile (30 min walk). I did the 1 mile walk (20 mins) but I added good ole buttkicks from Jillian Micheals 30 day shred when Leslie wanted us to walk up and back, and I added cardio boosting hops to the kicks. I'm getting myself prepared to get back into it. I really wanted to get my heart rate up there and challenge myself and at the end of my 1 mile workouts I fell into my bed because I was so spent! Today I added hand weights during the warm-up walk to get to strength moves in, too.

I'm really feeling the benefits of regular exercise again, I'm feeling less pain from female cramps, I feel better daily. I tried Pilates on friday--yum no.. I stopped after 15 minutes because the VOD I was doing did alternating cardio and pilates moves.. I liked the cardio but the pilates was too difficult for me, for now. :)

I need to stop worrying about the numbers on the scale, because I can feel myself getting stronger and I'm sure some of this gain is muscle. Now its just balancing my diet and exercise..


{Absolutely, Positively} Josie said...

love that attitude. and i love that you stayed motivated and exercised today! i hate the way i feel on aunt flo days and days prior, but i never thought about exercise being good for relieving those feelings. i went the longest time without cramps, then started getting them again (while dieting).
i'm sorry the pilates weren't for you (right now). i have to confess, i STILL haven't done my 20 minute video because i'm too scared! i'm doing the cardio one on it (which makes me sweat a whole lot more). maybe this week i'll just stop thinking and start doing.

Kemi said...

Yes, I noticed regular exercise alleviated my female symptoms a few years ago. You would think I would do it more often just for that reason. Now just to find something for teh bloat! I see you started your pilates back up! I'm excited for ya! I hope you see the changes in a few weeks, that's my favorite part---getting stronger.

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