Monday, February 15, 2010

Getting back into fitness

I am soo out of shape, and I can tell because I did the Walk away the pounds 2mile workout this morning and I felt my muscles going, noooo! Before I use to do this DVD on my "easy" days and did the 30 day shred on my "moderate/hard" days. I dare not try the 30 day shred until I get stronger..

I decided to add exercise to the mix because I think that those 7lbs that fell off so easy, were they most recent fat gain and for some reason they fall off easier (with just a diet change). I hopped on the scale today and I'm at 9.4 lbs down from my starting weight! I need to remember to not be discouraged when the numbers fluctuate (due to water weight)  because I can get into the mood of, I might as well eat what I want because this isn't working!

I'm now closer to the weight that I've been around for the past 2 years.  I think its time to ease into exercise to help melt the fat away along with staying on top of my eating habits. Also, its been since October when I stopped exercising regularly so alot of my muscle mass is gone. I can feel it and that's what I enjoy the most about exercise even when I didn't lose a pound of weight, I feel strong and its liberating to be able to push your body to do things you thought you were not strong enough for.

ETA: I think I'm plateu-ing right now because my body got used to me eating less food. So hopefully adding exercise to the mix and weight training helps to boost my metabolism. I forgot to mention this earlier.


{Absolutely, Positively} Josie said...

you have a lot of good body awareness. i'm glad you're an aspiring doc! and HOORAY for being practically 10 pounds down! and it does seem like those first pounds gained tend to be easier to lose. it's like if you give them any time to stick around, they try to stick!

and i'm with you on easing into exercise. i am working on that myself. have you found something you like?

Kemi said...

What I used to do was the 30 day shred and I heard about Leslie sansome (sp?) Walk away the pounds. Currently I'm finding a good variety of cardio on Exercise TV (free video on demand) When I don't quite feel like going to the gym. Do you have cardio you like?

Kemi said...

*i forgot to mention, right now I'm doing the WATP for the american heart assoc 2 mile walk, I think the WATP workout DVD's are great because you can make them harder or easier to your own liking by adding weights or high intensity moves i borrow from part 1 of the 30 day shred, like the buttkicks. Also I would like to get back into yoga and maybe try pilates.

{Absolutely, Positively} Josie said...

seems like everybody is doing the 30 day shred. i've got some jillian dvds (but they're hard, and i don't do them because i'm scareeed!!) truth is, they are just what i need. right now i'm bouncing around on a mini trampoline while listening to music, which is fun for me and less like drudgery.

i did pilates off and on for about a year. i have a mari winsor pilates circle and 20-minute dvd (with a bonus 45-minute cardio round). it's, honestly, awesome, "easyish," and you see results very soon if you stick with it. highly recommended. that being said, i need to take my own advice!!

have a great weekend! (and thanks for reminding me about the on demand exercises!!)

Kemi said...

Honestly, 30 day shred is hard, i think that the first time you do it your like what the hell! But if you stick with it and do it for 5 days straight, it gets easier and you notice a major difference in muscle tone and stamina for cardio. I've never really done the pilates thing (i usually favor yoga). I think I'll try it.

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